Adjustments In School For Autistic Students

The Equality Act means that schools have a duty to make adjustments for those who are at a disadvantage due to a disability or mental health condition. BUT it should not be based on your academic achievements, for example being a straight A* student does not mean one doesn’t struggle at school.  Throughout my time inContinue reading “Adjustments In School For Autistic Students”

30 things autistic people would like their teachers to know

My diagnosis 1. Don’t assume I’m like every other autistic child. We have individual profiles and no two autistic people are the same 2. Don’t dismiss my diagnosis or tell me that I don’t look autistic – there is actually no ‘look’ Pastoral Support 3. Check that I’m ok in private – I’m unlikely toContinue reading “30 things autistic people would like their teachers to know”

18 Things I Have Learnt After Being Autistic For 18 Years

I am officially 18 years old & an adult…very scary! To celebrate this milestone I decided to reflect on the past 18 years as an autistic (although I have been autistic my whole life I was only diagnosed November 2020). This was quite emotional to write – like many other autistics I have been bullied,Continue reading “18 Things I Have Learnt After Being Autistic For 18 Years”

Autism & Perfectionism

Perfectionism is defined as the need to be or appear perfect, or even to believe that perfection is possible. Although it is often seen as a positive trait that increases your chances of success, it can lead to self-defeating thoughts or behaviours that make it harder to achieve goals. It may also cause stress, anxiety,Continue reading “Autism & Perfectionism”