My Experiences At School: An Insight Into Ableism

TW: Suicidal thoughts & self harm mentions *Note: My school has been named X for privacy reasons* My time at school was not the happiest – trying to navigate a world not designed for you with no support/accommodations is not easy. Now that I have left, I feel it is my responsibility to share myContinue reading “My Experiences At School: An Insight Into Ableism”

All About Neurotypicalism: A New Pathologised Condition

DISCLAIMER: This is a lighthearted post created to highlight the pathologised and harmful ways in which autistic people are described by society, including doctors & professionals.  What is Neurotypicalism? Neurotypicalism is a severe life long neurodevelopmental disorder which more than 90% of the world suffer with. Neurotypicalism is also referred to as being “normal functioning”Continue reading “All About Neurotypicalism: A New Pathologised Condition”